ECE 5 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Making, Breaking, and Hacking Stuff

An introduction to electrical and computer engineering. Topics include circuit theory, assembly, and testing, embedded systems programming and debugging, transducer mechanisms and interfacing transducers, signals and systems theory, digital signal/image processing, and modular design techniques

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ECE 5 – “Making, Breaking, and Hacking Stuff” is a new course for freshmen at Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., UC San Diego and is offered in the newly developed EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio. The primary focus of this course is to give these freshmen students confidence, motivation, and insight into what is to come in the rest of their undergraduate careers through a series of hands on projects. ECE 5 consists of 1 introductory lab and 4 main labs covering 4 emphases: Communication, Analog Circuits, Digital Signal/Image Processing, and Embedded Systems and Control. The labs allow students to develop practical hard skills including programming in C and Matlab, soldering, building circuits, and using microcontrollers, oscilloscopes, function generators, power sources, multi-meters and 3D printers. The students also work on their soft skills on communicating, planning and working within teams to complete challenges tasked to them in each of the 5 labs. ECE 5 students are also encouraged to be creative with open ended projects leveraging Arduinos and an abundant choices of tools, sensors and actuators so that they can further explore ECE concepts outside of class.